All In by Bill Green Gaining International Fame – Enter Giveaway to Win a Signed Copy All Your Own!

It’s been a brisk week of sales and wonderful press following last Monday’s release of All In: 101 Real-Life Business Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs.

Featured on Forbes

On release day, Green’s book was featured as the #1 book on‘s 10 Best Books For Entrepreneurs In 2017. Said contributor Brian Rashid, “For aspiring entrepreneurs, this is a glimpse into what it takes to go from a startup founder to CEO of a publicly traded company.”

Rashid added, “All In shows the true value of 100% committing to a venture, and the level of persistence and dedication it takes to become successful.”

Noticed by the National

The international business community has taken note as well: On May 16, the UAE’s popular “The National” took note in its Book review: Business lessons from a serial entrepreneurColumnist Susan Locke interviews Green, describes the book and adds, “From basic lessons (always be on time) to detailed lessons about taking a company public (your shareholders will own you if you let them, as will analysts), there’s plenty here to inspire, in a linear memoir written in edible chunks.”

Inc. Says “Invest in Yourself”

In’s 11 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read in 2017 and then Green’s book again leads off at #1. Columnist Nicolas Cole says, “If you’re an entrepreneur, or even have the slightest interest in becoming an entrepreneur, then you have to read…It forces your brain to work differently. Besides, some of the brightest minds in history didn’t record YouTube videos–they wrote books. To say you don’t read is essentially to refuse learning some of the greatest lessons of all time.”

Cole goes on to describe All In and offers, “This book is a how-to guide packed with practical tools on how to take an idea and make it big.”

Making the Rounds on Mashable

In a post that’s already been shared over two thousand times on, All In again leads the pack at #1 in May 16th’s 10 books every entrepreneur should read in 2017. Columnist John Rampton says, “This is a must-read for any first-time entrepreneur who thinks building a business is an easy process. Author Bill Green uses “All In” to both inspire entrepreneurs on their quest for greatness and put things in perspective. Starting in a flea market and ending with a publicly traded company, Green’s story demonstrates what it means to go “all in” on an idea—and not stop until the goal is achieved – something that stands out for me in terms of the perspective that has helped me in bringing my own business ideas to fruition.”

Giveaway on Goodreads!

To celebrate this first week’s resounding success, today begins a Goodreads giveaway and your chance to win one of four signed copies of All In. Visit the link below and by all means share with your tribe. Can’t wait for the giveaway to end? Order your personal print or ebook copy TODAY! And be sure to share your review on Amazon and Goodreads and help Bill Green pay it forward. Remember, all royalty proceeds from All In benefit the Azheimer’s Foundation.

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