Introducing All In: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs

I know people like you. You’ve got “that look” in your eye.

It’s a look of fierce determination. While all your friends are out having brunch, playing Pokémon GO, or doing yoga in their spare time, here you are reading a business book—and not just any book. You’re reading my book because you’ve got dreams. Big ones. You’re not just sitting around waiting for life to happen. You want to make things happen.

You’re going somewhere.

I bet you already might own a profitable small business. That’s awesome. Good for you; you’re doing what you love. Maybe a lot of your friends already think you’ve “made it”—and why not? You’re living the “American Dream.” You’re a successful entrepreneur with a nice house and a happy spouse—what else could you possibly want out of life?

Maybe you even have a business partner who says, “We’ve got a good thing going, why are you buying books about how to grow our business? Why rock the boat when the boat’s sailing smoothly?” But something inside of you wants to rock it, right? You know deep down that your business could be so much more so you’re reading my book because you’re asking yourself, how can I get to the next level?

Am I in the ballpark?

I told you I know people like you. There’s no shame in being ambitious. That is the essence of the real “American Dream.” Where would we be without our big dreams? I don’t know about anyone else in your life, but let me tell you, I believe in yours.

Who the heck am I, anyway? At my core, I’m just a scrappy kid who started his career “bootstrapping a startup” in the days before the word startup even existed. I built my first business from the ground up, out of one table at a flea market that eventually sold for $1.6 billion dollars.

I didn’t get all that money myself! I only got a small fraction of it; somehow, I didn’t get the memo to stick around for twelve more years. But talk about starting small.

If I can do it; I know you can, too.

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